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“Since 2020 I’ve had a clear vision of helping bring together sustainably and ethically conscious fashion businesses and people working in the industry looking to work for them.

Three years on and we’re doing this better than ever, but, I always want to do better, to be the best in fact. Better for our clients, better for job seekers. Thanks to positive growth we’ve made some big changes to do just that.”

Sebastian JB Volney, Founder & Director

What isn’t new are our Strengths and Values.

Jaymes Byron continues to provide leading recruitment to the sustainably conscious fashion sector due to our unwavering strengths.

Industry Authority – Our in-depth knowledge of the fashion talent market comes from years of on-the-ground experience. Providing a consultative approach that ensures you hire the right people with the right skills.

Talent Reach – We constantly connect with top-tier talent. Our direct sourcing approach means you’ll reach the strongest, most relevant talent on the market. Whether they’re actively looking for a new move or not.

Results Driven – Our reputation is built on providing a personable and professional service. Taking our time to understand our clients and candidates helps us make stronger hiring matches and create satisfaction all around.

The strength of our service and reputation has and always will be built on our values.

Commitment – We know how important finding the right people is to business success. That’s why we’re relentless in seeing your hiring requirements through to completion, ensuring skill gaps are filled with the best person for the job.

Quality – Our service is defined by the quality of candidates we put before our clients. We don’t hit and hope. We don’t cut corners. We learn and place emphasis on sourcing and matching only the best talent for your role and business.

Empathy – We want to be the recruitment partner you can count on. That’s why we hire with empathy, taking care to understand the unique needs of each client and candidate, and putting your best interests at the forefront of all we do.


So, what is new?

Branding & Website

If you’re familiar with Jaymes Byron you may have noticed our new logo! Alongside this, we’re proud to present our new website which has been developed to provide a stronger user experience and a fresh look.

The new site was a long time coming and now makes it easier for job seekers and clients to find what they are looking for quickly. Providing easier ways to search for jobs, register with us for opportunities, learn more about our Positive Impact Strategy, and connect with us.

Our new media hub is an area designed to provide easy access to useful resources on job searching and recruiting in the fashion industry, which we aim to update regularly. Here you’ll also be able to keep up to date with The Sustainable Fashion Wingman podcast, which has been growing from strength to strength since its launch.

And that’s just front of house. Behind the scenes, we’ve adopted new systems and technology to make the hiring journey more accessible, efficient, and personable for both our clients and candidates.

Our new applicant management portal provides our clients with a one-stop, online hub to manage all their jobs. Streamlining the application process, helping to retain and review applicants, and avoiding miscommunication and lost data. And that’s just a taster.


Value-driven services

We wouldn’t be much without our Contingent Recruitment service but it now has a new name to clearly define its function, Contingency Search. As always, this is our success-only recruitment service that works on a no-placement, no-fee basis and is still one of the most competitive high-quality, specialist recruitment services on the market for fashion businesses.

Alongside Contingency Search, we’ve listened to the needs of the market and introduced two new services; Priority Search and Multi Hire.

Priority Search is for our clients who wish to invest more time and commitment into ensuring the very best person is founded and assessed for business-critical roles.

The service encompasses new technology and resources we’ve brought in to allow us to dig deeper into the talent market, engage better with key experts, and carry out more in-depth assessments with a focus on long-term intention, fit, competency, leadership, and retention. Essentially, a more considered approach that Contingency recruitment by nature doesn’t allow.

Multi-hire has been introduced for clients who have told us that they need our support with multiple roles – either through a growth period or just for long-term needs, but struggle with budgets. It’s our way of appreciating the trust and commitment of their partnership with us, by helping them keep costs low without compromising on recruitment quality.


Conscientious Recruitment

Our SME concessions, which we’ve always had in place to support growing, small businesses haven’t changed. They are, however, available across all our services.

To support the next generation of fashion talent, we’ve introduced a low, flat fee rate for hiring interns. We only work on paid internships, but now we provide a cost-conscious way to engage and hire interns faster and more efficiently.


Our Positive Impact Strategy

We’ve always been driven to make a positive impact by partnering with conscientious businesses, and we are now pleased to present our efforts in the form of our Positive Impact Strategy.

As part of our commitment, we’ve been working hard to seek out charities that align with our values; Organisations that are actively making a difference to people’s lives affected by climate change and inequality. With every candidate we place into a new role, we donate a portion of the resulting revenue to their cause. Supporting these organisations is our way of ensuring our work is part of a purposeful and impactful journey, one that our clients and candidates also share and value.

Alongside this, we introduced the (Give) Back Friday initiative starting in 2022, as a counter message to the Black Friday overconsumption frenzy. For any sourcing requests received between Black Friday and the end of the year, we increase our charity contributions.

Learn more about our Positive Impact Strategy here.

As we move into the year ahead and beyond, we’re excited about the future of Jaymes Byron and look forward to working with many more conscientious businesses and individuals. We have always believed business can be a force for good. As a boutique service, we’re still small, but growing and as we grow, we intend to see our impact grow too.

If you’re interested in the positive future of fashion, join us on the journey – whether you’re looking for a new role, to hire exceptional talent, or to simply connect with like-minded professionals, get in touch and let’s make a difference together.