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A Better Bag for a Better World, Parker Clay with Ian Bentley

In this episode, we learn just how much good can be put back into the world by buying a bag!

We hear from Ian Bentley, co-founder of the California-based brand, Parker Clay. Although, the Parker Clay manufacturing hub is across the globe in Ethiopia, where Ian and his family set out to create training and employment opportunities for communities there.

We learn about the Parker Clay journey and its mission to combat human trafficking and social injustices in the native home of their adopted daughter. 

Ian tells us why Parker Clay is not just a brand, but a business helping to elevate the economy and people in its locality. As well as providing sustainable and ethical sourcing options for the leather goods trade.

Find out more about Parker Clay at and if you’re interested in share opportunities with this growing and positive business, they currently have a funding round open till mid-November 2023, learn more and get in there quick at

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