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A Sustainability Icon; an eco-conversation with Marci Zaroff from YESand

In this episode, we explore the world of sustainable fashion with Marci Zaroff, a pioneer who introduced the term "eco-fashion" in the 1990s. Marci's journey began with organic food, and she later transitioned seamlessly into fashion, becoming a powerhouse in the eco-fashion scene with several green brands under her belt.

During the episode, Marci describes the mission of her brand, YESand, and shares her experience as a published author of the book "(eco)renaissance". She also emphasizes the critical role of regenerative agriculture in her work and discusses her involvement in shaping industry standards like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTs) and leading the Textile Exchange as its Chairperson.

We also delve into YESand's approach to climate action and sustainable cotton, as well as Marci's ambitious regenerative agriculture project, "Reset Cotton." Finally, Marci shares her vision for the future of sustainable fashion, one that prioritizes the health of both people and the planet, and offers valuable advice to businesses seeking to embrace sustainability.

Explore more about Marci Zaroff and her eco-manufacturing and brands at the following links:

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