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Popups and Deadstock Fabric, Consciously Made Joy by eluroom, with Rebecca Rodden

As we pop into many an eco-popup, we meet some interesting brands implementing sustainable practices in many ways into their businesses.

One such way is by using deadstock fabric. In this episode we speak with Rebecca Roden, to hear about her luxury dress brand, eluroom. Why deadstock features heavily in eluroom products, and how different it is to the more typical method of fabric sourcing.

Rebecca has a long background in the clothing industry and provides thoughtful insight into ways brands can create more consciously.

You can meet eluroom and Rebecca at the many popups around London, so listen in to here where you see the eluroom project, or learn more at or on socials at

We’ll be bringing more conversations from the world of sustainable fashion regularly, so remember to follow and invite your friends for a listen.

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