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Sustainable by Design, On-demand Luxury by 1 Atelier, with Stephanie Sarka

In this episode, we speak with Stephanie Sarka, the Co-founder and CEO of 1 Atelier, a US-based designer bag company that's changing the way consumers shop.

Stephanie discusses her background in tech and fashion, and how combining her experience with her passion for sustainability led to the creation of 1 Atelier. She explains how their on-demand production platform eliminates waste and allows for custom-made bags that are both beautiful and sustainably responsible.

Stephanie also discusses their new line, Farm to Arm, which focuses on a complete product lifecycle approach, providing an insight into the importance of regenerative agriculture.

We also hear from Stephanie about their plans for global expansion and the potential of the on-demand model for other product types.

Listen in as we explore the innovative approach to luxury fashion by 1 Atelier and their commitment to responsible production.

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