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The Ecological Emporium, by Neem & Vyn, With Nick Reed and Stefan Mathys

Today’s episode was recorded live at the Ecological Emporium. The brainchild of Neem London’s Founder, Nick Reed, our previous episode guest. Along with Stefan Mathys, Founder and Creative Director of Vyn Sneakers, the Ecological Emporium showcases a variety of brands built on sustainably conscious principles.

Nick tells us all about the pop-up and its importance to the sustainability message.

We hear from Stefan about his sneaker brand, Vyn and how he set out to change the mindset of footwear consumption by creating a long-lasting and customisable product. In the store we got to see the high quality of the Vyn sneaker, a testament to the sentiment, “buy better, buy less”. Check out the Vyn brand online at

Alongside Vyn and the Neem ranges, we got to experience other items from the eco-brands, CONCRETE & WAX, Clothes Doctor, 39 Steps Coffee, Balmista, and Thread and Tonic

As it comes up to Christmas, why not pop into the pop-up for some climate-conscious gifts. Open till January 2023, you can find the Ecological Emporium at 7 Piccadilly Arcade, LondonSW1Y 6HN

We’ll be bringing more conversations from the world of sustainable fashion regularly, so remember to follow and invite your friends for a listen.

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