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The Sustainable Fashion School and Enkel, with Lydia Brearley

As sustainability becomes more and more the expectation of consumers and businesses look to embed it in their strategies, there’s greater demand for education around the changing and complex subject.

Fortunately, many are now leading the charge in sustainability training for the fashion industry. In this episode, we talk to one such expert, Lydia Brearley. After the success of the educational resource platform, Enkel, Lydia has recently launched The Sustainable Fashion School.

Built on three objectives, “helping you be informed”, “training teams how to take action”, and “working with businesses to take action”, the school’s aim is to provide an all-encompassing training platform for sustainability in fashion.

Listen in as we learn about Lydia’s background and how the Sustainable Fashion School is supporting the fashion sector to move towards stronger social and environmental responsibility.
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